The Different Types of a Writer and their Average Salary

There are different types of a writer and each of them have their own average salary. Then, is it important to know about them? Some of you might later become a writer or probably you might be thinking of becoming one today. If you already read about a hundred books since childhood, then it only means that you have read at least 25 or more genres not only focusing on one genre of a book. Through those books that you already read, you can tell the types of writers.

One of them is a “science fiction writer”. Writing is not an easy job at all. But if a writer is talented enough, then he can have a very high income. And according to statistics, some science fiction writers can have an average income of 65,960 dollars and that was by 2010. Another type of writer is a “screenwriter”.  For a low budget screenplay, the screenwriter can earn a minimum of 63,895 dollars. And a cleaning company here will help your home best, over this site 淨麗美清潔服務. But if it is a high budget screenplay, then it’s about a minimum 119,954 dollars according to statistics.

The truth is, some writers don’t write in order to make a living. But many writers are lucky enough to gain success because of their talent in writing just like J.K Rowling and other writers. There are also “content writers” which is an online job and their salary depends on the offer of their employer about this cleaning company go to this site 淨麗美清潔服務. Some choose the path of being a “news article writer”. Like this, there are many different types of writers and their salary varies.