The benefits of taking a major in English

In literature, what is the native language of the writer is what he or she will use in writing? That is because one can express well one thing when he know the language perfectly. That is because he knows the technique and every usage of the words. There are tricks also in each language and so one could not understand sometimes when other nationalities tells a joke. He cannot understand the sense why it is a joke. French is a second language being learned by many.

It has also its advantages if you will learn the French language. But this time let us also know why many people are studying English. It is considered as the universal language in terms of communication and even in trade and political relations. That is why many people are learning the language. But many French people are already contented on the French language as the country is in good terms of its economy. It can afford privileges for itself without even knowing another language.

If you will see in the infographic, one of the countries that are good to study the English language is the country of rance in the city of Paris. This place is now accepting more nationalities. T5his city s already a home for many years for the people who have migrated into this city. Even if there are disadvantages but you can surely have the advantage if you know how to speak and read the English language so you could be comfortable.