Romain Rolland

Romain Rolland is of the French origin and he has received many titles in accordance with his work. He became a dramatist, art historian, essayist and most of all a novelist. This writer has received the prestigious award of the Nobel Prize in Literature. It was in the year of 1915. Even after that time, there are more of his notable works that were published. He was chosen to receive the award as a sign of tribute to his idealism in terms of the literary field. He was able to give a description to the various types of people revealing sympathy and also the love for what is true.

His roots are the line of wealthy and the farmers that make him create an understanding of his origin. He first studied the career of philosophy when he was accepted to study in the year 1886 but later leave the school. He then proceeds to have the degree in the field of history and this lead him to make discoveries that have influenced his thinking. He also received his doctorate degree in France in the year of 1895. He then became a teacher for about two decades in various lycees in Paris. He also had the role in arts and music at that time.

His first achievement of publishing his book as a writer was realized in the year of 1902 when he already reached the age of 36. Even if he had been teaching, he does not like it and so when he received the assurance that he can live only through writing, he stopped teaching. He then focused on writing even if he moved places. Until his death in the year of 1944 on the month of December day of 30 in Vezelay where he last stayed writing continuously.