Facts to know about Romance Novels and the Reality

Each reader have his own favorite writer as well as favorite book which he keeps in his own bookshelf. Some readers are fond of reading books or novels about science fiction, action and adventure, mystery, horror and also romance novels. In this article, there are some facts about romance novels which readers of this book genre should remind themselves in case they forgot that they are living in the reality and not in a fantasy world.  Fantasy world only exist in books and imagination of writers.

Let’s begin with the characters mentioned in romance novels. The names of the characters are not related with anyone. But sometimes, it could just be a coincidence if one’s name is similar with the character mentioned. And for the setting, the writer mentions various places even foreign countries depending on the status of the main characters. And most characters in romance novels can have different economic and relationship status. You can imagine yourself traveling with your visa on your hand from this agency look at this info 泰雅.  If you are a romance novel reader from youth, you can get what this means.

Usually, the woman who is a main character can be of low economic status. But sometimes, she can be of high economic status. And for her prince charming, it is usually the opposite. If the woman is poor, then he will meet a rich young and handsome man like a real prince charming. But if the leading man is rich, then her leading lady is actually poor and he would fall in love with her and fight for their love and travel around the world with her visa from this agency 香港轉機 台胞證.  But all of this are just the imagination of a writer and it can’t happen always in reality.