Books Written

The writer has produced many literary works when he was still living. There are those who had not been published while he is still alive but many have seen publication while he is still living. There was a point in his life where he discontinued teaching and so he would just focus on writing as he had seen that he could live even if he will only write and not teach. During the time of his life, there are many books that he had written.

Some of them became popular and even until this time. They have been made available also into ebooks. Thanks to the technology, the works of literature that were published a very long time could still be read freely. In the year of 1904, Rolland has published the book Jean-Christophe which is four books. The book Musiciensd’aujourd’huiandMusiciensd’autrefoiswas published in the year of 1908. The Colas Breugnon which is a Burgundian story which was published in the year of 1919. In the year of 1928, the Vie de Ramakrishna was published which is a collection of essays.

In the year of 1933, the fourth of the book of l’Âme enchantée which is L’Annonciatrice was published. There are his books that has volumes and they were produced along with other literary works of the author. Even if he did travel and live in other places, he had done much writing. Through his traveling and meeting people that are of importance to him, he had gained some insights but had remained on his principles.